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Tao Chang Blessing Experience, Fridays, Belgium *

Tao Chang Blessing Experience, Fridays, Belgium *

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This is a weekly Tao Chang event held every Friday, 8:00 - 9:30 pm CET.

This event includes practices and blessings with special Tao Source Calligraphies from the Belgium Love Peace Harmony Center.

Each session is a separate honor fee and registration.

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Tao Yuan Chang blesses every aspect of life, including:

  • Energy, stamina, vitality and immunity
  • Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies
  • Relationships
  • Finances and business
  • Intelligence
  • Spiritual channels
  • Enlightening the soul, heart, mind, and body
  • Success in every aspect of life.

Tao Yuan Chang is the Source treasure on earth to transform all life.

Read more at https://www.drsha.com/tao-yuan-chang/introduction-tao-yuan-chang



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