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I Love You (CD)

I Love You (CD)

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"Love melts all blockages and transforms all life." ~ Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

The simplest teaching is the best teaching.
The simplest mantra is the best mantra.

The mantra “I Love You” is a simple mantra. Da Tao, the Ultimate Tao Source, gave this mantra to Master Sha in 2012 with a simple melody. This mantra carries Da Tao frequency and vibration that can melt blockages in the soul, heart, mind and body. It can transform relationships, finances, intelligence, family and bring success to every
aspect of life.

“I Love You” is one of the most powerful mantras. Open your heart to be a vessel to receive Da Tao Love. Receive blessings for every aspect of your life. Open your heart to be a vessel to give Da Tao Love. Sing this mantra with Master Sha. Sing to all humanity and all universes. Be Da Tao Love. Melt all blockages. Transform all life.

We are extremely blessed.



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