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Da Sacred Calligraphy Card Qualities

Da Sacred Calligraphy Card Qualities

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These Sacred Calligraphy Cards

  • Use these sacred objects to create a Tao Field in your home, office, healing space and more.

  • Heal, transform and benefit from having these priceless tools available in a convenient size which can travel with you

  • Each Calligraphy has the frequency and vibration to heal, transform and bless you and those you serve.

  • Practice with the invocations listed on the back of each card to request healing blessings to transform Shen Qi Jing blockages.

  • Connect with the 10 Da qualities which are key to your spiritual journey and to further align with Tao.


Prerequisite:  reading approval required

Eligibility:  retreat particpants and 2 loved ones

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